Career Paths

Business Economics

  • Accounting Services

  • Banking and Finance

  • Consulting

  • Data/Risk Analysis

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Marketing/Sales

  • Production, Retail, Distribution

  • Stock/Commodity and Brokerage Firms

  • Upper Management

International Business Economics

  • Economic Development

  • Foreign Currency Investments

  • Foreign Service

  • Government Agencies

  • International Banking and Finance

  • International Management Consulting

  • International Purchasing and Trade

  • Marketing/Distribution

Enviornmental and Resources Economics

  • Data Analysis

  • Environmental Planning and Policy

  • Environmental Resource Management

  • Government Agencies

  • Renewable Resource Management

  • Research

  • Sustainability Consulting

Agribusiness Economics

  • Agribusiness Firms

  • Agricultural Marketing

  • Agricultural Policy

  • Banking

  • Commodity and Trade Associations

  • Cooperative Enterprises

  • Farm/Ranch Management

  • Food Production and Distribution

  • Government and Multi-National Agencies

More information about internship/job placement for Managerial Economics majors can be found on the Internship and Career Center's: What Can I Do With This Major?

Students interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant are advised to visit the California Board of Accountancy website.

For pre-graduate/professional school advising, please seek assistance through the Student Academic Success Center.