Minor Requirements 

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics offers a minor in Managerial Economics to students majoring in other academic disciplines.  The Managerial Economics major goes beyond the limits of traditional economics and business majors, blending a thorough grounding in economic theory with business knowledge and applications.  This training is often complementary to other majors, and the minor program was created both to identify a subset of the major that adds comparable skills to training in other disciplines and to recognize students’ achievements through the minor designation. A minor will of course be limited in the breadth and depth of training, compared to the major.  However, by completing a set of courses faculty have identified as appropriate for the minor, students develop expertise in the same theory and applications that characterize the major.  Students are encouraged to consider double majors, if they are interested in the full menu of options within Managerial Economics, but the minor also serves to provide a route that lets students take a coherent set of courses and develop applicable skills, while adding fewer course requirements to those required of their other major.

Students will have a deep understanding of economic principles and strong quantitative skills to support critical thinking and decision-making about real-world business and policy problems.  Students will be effective at communicating the details and findings of economic analyses, with the ability to explain to a lay audience how innovative solutions address the economic problems they are studying.

Preparation for the minor includes ECN 001A or 001AV, and 001B: MAT 016A-016B-016C or 017A-017B or 021A-021B; STA 013 or 013Y, and 103, with grades of C- (or P) or better.  Prerequisites for courses taken for the minor are mandatory and students should plan accordingly.

One upper-division class to satisfy the minor may be taken for passed/not passed grading.  A total of two upper-division courses (maximum four units each) may be taken through UC Study Abroad, all other courses must be taken in residence.  Students must seek pre-approval from a Managerial Economics staff advisor for any international courses. 

Students must attain a minor GPA of at least a C average (2.000) in courses taken for the minor.  All upper-division courses taken toward minor requirements will be calculated as part of the minor GPA, including courses with F grades that have not been repeated.